Minecraft Tale of Kingdoms E12 "Guild is Under Attack!"

Minecraft Tale of Kingdoms E12 "Guild is Under Attack!"

Guild is under attack is the 12th episode of Paul's Tale of Kingdoms Series. As the name suggests, the guild is under attack by the evil reficules and it's the job of the mighty, noble Sir Punchwood to help the equally mighty and noble (though less handsome) Guildmaster defeat them.


It's nighttime, and the mighty Punchwood is inside his fortress, waiting for dawn so he may step outside and defeat the werewolf outside his door. Upon the rise of the sun, he goes out and, though he meant to slay the werewolf, ends up having to put a burning skeleton out of it's misery and rid his tower of some rats. Unfortunately, at that moment, Guildmaster comes to his tower with some unplesant news: the reficules have laid siege to the guild. Shocked, Punchwood sets his tasks aside, grabs trusty blade Diamondo, and rushes to the Guild as fast as he could. Upon arriving, he finds it as bad as Guildmaster described: the reficules habe invaded the guild, leaving everything in their path ablaze. Undaunted, Punchwood rushes into combat and begins an epic battle against the reficules. Though the battle was long and difficult, he prevailed, and now all that was left was to do were repairs. However, his path to kingship still wasn't over, and Punchwood still had a long road ahead of him...


  • Paul knew the siege on the guild was going to happen, and had actually made the preparations long beforehand.
  • Despite the fact that the last episode was called "Name by Blade", it wasn't until this is the episode that Paul actually found a suitable name.
  • After Paul killed a few rats, Munch, much to the dismay of Paul, immediately started to eat the gold they left behind.