Tale of KingdomsEdit

Benny first appeared as a regular villager who lived in the first small house of Punchwood Kingdom. He was a very peaceful man until King Punchwood made a big mistake and hired him to work for him to collect wood and cobblestone. However, Benny has done nothing but follow the king everywhere and was soon known as the Village Dunce. After a month of being chased, the king decided to get rid of Benny by tossing him into a deep, deep cave opening in hopes he'd never escape. However, a few episodes later, when he goes into the mine to re-employ the miners, Benny jumped out (completely ignorant of what the King did) and it was business as usual again. Punchwood made many more attempts, including trying to get Pu to eat him. (Pu found him unappetizing and settled for annoying Benny). None prevailed. However, the king at least managed to  "accidentaly" lock him and Bobby out of the kingdom. King Punchwood also attempted to get rid of Benny by (accidently) pushing Benny in a reficul hole (apparently the reficuls don't want Benny since he somehow reappeared a few episodes later) and by letting Benny swim with the dolphins (aka sharks) and, finally, tricking him into wrestling an alligator and let Benny still survived and defeated the alligator. Later, Benny wrestled another alligator to save Foxxy, and was titled; Benny the Brave. After assisting the king repair a burned village, the king discovered that all he had to do was ask Benny to stop following him. During the party, however, he was punished for messing with the king anyway, by being fed to Pu the Panther.

Man Vs MinecraftEdit

Benny and Lenny are also, while not making actual appearances, very important characters in Man Vs Minecraft. They have had many roles to play over the seasons. In the first season, they left Pablo alone on a vast island of Minecraftia and prepared a biplane fourteen biomes away from his starting point. In the third season, they had the job to send a bucket of water into the Nether for Pablo to drink from, in the meantime taking care of Wilson. However, on a day between 5-8, Goblins broke in and chased Benny and Lenny away, and locked Wilson up, as they did with Pablo on his miraculous escape from the Nether, starved and dehydrated. There was no sign of either Benny or Lenny and were presumed dead until the end of season 4, where Pablo discovered a Benny and Lenny had set up camp outside the Twilight Portal (of which Pablo and Wilson were in). Benny's diary was left behind along with many other random items. The diary held nine entries regarding how they found Pablo and how Punchwood Studio closed down and they were waiting for his return from the Twilight Forest. What actually grabbed Pablo's attention was the dates of each entry; he'd been gone for over a year and a half! The diary also mentioned a monk village that spot a hot air balloon pass by with a dog strapped under the basket (had to be Wilson). Upon reading this, Pablo and Wilson set of for this village. Their main purpose in the series is to upload each day recorded onto the internet.

Benny's Diary in Man Vs MinecraftEdit

September 16, 2011Edit

We think we found Pablo! Well, he's not exactly here, but nearby monks saw a hot-air balloon pass overhead with a dog harnessed onto the bottom (had to be Wilson) but no visible driver. They followed it for a while, curious. It was stormy and the balloon appeared to be losing altitude. The monks eventually located it at the bottom of the lagoon outside this cave. They did not find any bodies. We want to believe that Pablo survived the crash and jumped into the strange portal here (he loves portals). The monks say the portal has been here for centuries but is not currently "active". They do not know how to reactivate it either. Lenny and I have decided to set up camp and keep vigil in case Pablo shows up...

October 18th, 2011Edit

It's been a month and no sign of Pablo. We've been pouring over old tomes the monks provided, hoping to find something useful about the portal, but no luck so far. Lenny needs to go bak home. I'll stay a bit longer...

November 15th, 2011Edit

3 months gone by and still no sign of Pablo or info about the portal. Nights are getting colder here, lots of monsters. Running low on supplies and... hope. Lenny is flying in tomorrow to check in. Might go home with him.

December 11th, 2011Edit

I stayed another month but still nothing. Lenny is due in tomorrow and I'm returning with him. Pablo, if you find this, I'll leave a map to the monk's village. Seek them out and wait. We will fly there once a month to check if you're back. We hope so! Miss you, and Merry Christmas, wherever you are.


January 20th, 2012Edit

Monks haven't seen you, so I guess you're not back. Leaving some food and supplies. Happy new year, buddy!


March 8th, 2012Edit

Still no word. Hope you're surviving in the realm beyond the portal! If anyone can, it's you! See you soon, I know it.


June 1st, 2012Edit

Happy Birthday, Pablo! We both wanted to be here. We made a cake. :)

Hope you're well.

Benny and Lenny

September 15th, 2012Edit

It's the anniversary of your dissappearance. But I know you're still alive. You're a survivor and with Wilson at your side, I just know you'll make it home some day.


December 3rd, 2012Edit

I'm sorry, Pablo. But I'm not sure we'll be coming back anymore. We had to close the studio, no more money. We're selling of the assets including the private plane. If you do come back, you'll have to find your own way home but who better to do that than you eh? :)

Good luck, my friend.



  • Benny and Lenny were originally called Eddy and Pat.