Bonker is Paul's Knockback enchanted sign from Spellbound Caves and Waking Up. In Waking Up, it also had a fire aspect enchantment.

Waking UpEdit

Paul found the Bonker in the first episode of Waking Up, hidden away in a storage chamber along with leather pants. This sign became very useful in the series. Unfortuntely, it's life was a short one, as he accidently placed the sign on a wall in Boomer Castle, episode 8, Creeper Bombs at 13:40. Just as he found a good use for it. A creeper then blew it up, so he couldn't even get the sign back.


  • When Paul placed the sign, he wrote 'sss' on it. There was also a creeper next to him that blew up the moment he clicked done. (As if the sign was doing the hissing sound for the creeper).
  • Paul commented in Waking Up that the Zistonian Battlesign's enchantment was not great, despite being better than the one in Spellbound Caves (It had fire aspect as well as knockback II).