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(previously Lofar) is Paul's youngest son. ChiefChirpa, formerly known as Lofar, is not allowed to give away his real name. However, Remmi, MinecraftMom, and JumboMuffin have called him by his real name numerous times. He didn't make as many appearances in Minecraft Dad as his siblings, Remmi and JumboMuffin, but has recorded some videos from his own perspective: him challenging Jumbo's Labyrinth, and a LEGO texture pack tutorial. 

Minecraft DadEdit

Like Remmi and Jumbo, Chief made his first appearance in the first episode of Minecraft Dad, and went on to do many episodes, but, due to other prorities, didn't have a role in most of the videos. He also has taken on various adventure maps alongside Paul and Jumbo, such as the Temple of Doom map.

Punchwood IslandEdit

Along with his family, Chief was in the series, Punchwood Island, and has been in almost every episode to date. He began with his house on the west end of the island, but has since torn down his house and brought it closer to his weapons and armour store. (Paul claims his home was "mobile".)

He has met his end both to a Ghast and a wild Zombie Pigman, in episodes where only he and Paul were online. He seems to have bad luck in the nether. In one episode, the pigman grabbed Chief's armor and sword and proceeded to travel to the overworld. Thus, those valuables were lost forever.

Pixelmon Edit

Has many appearances in Pixelmon as "Paulm" tries to Geocache or battle with JumboMuffin

Revenge of the C-team

- He was given a car by paul.But the car could fly so Paul was concerned about Alex's Flying license.

- Also stole from Paul's backpack.

- Chief also spawned Herobrine on Paul who killed Him. RIP Paul!!!

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