"The Man Behind the Tooth"



Stonecrafter777 (brother)

First Appearance:

Minecraft Files S1 E1


Miss.Swift (Fiancee)


Oasis (Hunt for Oasis)



ChimneySwift is one of the multiple people who have a speaking role in a minimal of a single videos. He is a member of the minecraftworkbench server and has befriened LuclinMCWB and wolv21. He has a brother by the name of stonecrafter777. Chimney is 9 years older than stonecrafter identicating that stonecrafter is about 15 as Chimneyswift11 is 25 however, it is unknown if he is 15 as he may be 14 or 16 as he may have had a birthday.

His own personal web page is and it is linked from his youtube account of Chimneyswift11. ( without the period). He is one of the Alpha Dogs and was a fan of Paul before he started making videos and playlists such as Angry Birds Space or the Minecraft Files.

List of ShowsEdit

The Minecraft Files (2011-On Hold)

Minecraft Men (2011-On Hold)

SantaCraft (2011-Present)

Hunt for Oasis (2010-2011)

Attack of The B-Team (2014-Present)


  • His mother's house and his father's vampire lair was seen on two portraits in SantaCraft hinting that they live in different homes.
  • His father is a vampire, as mentioned by Chim as he looks at a picture of him standing outside his lair.
  • He has a sibling (Stonecrafter777).
  • He is in Season 4 of the Minecraft Files.
  • Since Paul was one of the first minecraft players, Chim looked up to him.
  • In AOTBT, ChimneySwift is referred to as 'Chimneypoo' or 'The NSFW' (Not So Friendly Witch), as he is mainly an antagonist and practises witchery. Near the end of the series, however, Paul and Chimney team up to try and bring law and order to the crime-filled FlimFlam Town.But before they did this they were worst enemies and almost had a minion fight. They also played many pranks on each other. Paul even filled Chims house with egg laying spiders.Chimney also had a battle with bubs and generik and sent them into the deep dark nether for safe keeping.Paul Witch-Napped Chims mom and locked her in the basement and made a decoy and Chim fell for it and was caught in a flooded dungeon.