Dreax is the main antagonist in Man Vs Minecraft Season 5.


Dreax is a particular type of Wither Boss who was seasled away in a temple centuries before Pablo Punchwood's time. For centuries, a monastry of monks and their descendants guarded the temple, and once or twice a year, they all went into the temple to perform 'The Crafting Ritual', to secure Dreax inside. It was to be kept secret, and when Pablo arrived, he was forbidden to go inside with them. Many years later, during the time of Brother Vexx, the magic of Minecraftia started to vanish. This meant auto-healing was gone, and everyone, especially warriors and other combat-oriented people, depended on golden apples and potions of health and regeneration to survive. Also, The Crafting Ritual was required more frequently, draining even more magic in the process. Eventually, the priests performing the ritual faltered, and Dreax was freed. Coincidently, Pablo and Wilson were present and his escape was recorded. Dreax then went off, but his only known destruction was in the monastry and the nearby village.