Dusk as seen in the Cat and Dog breeding Episode (Ep. 44 S&T)

Dusk is a female cat Paul found so he could do a tutorial about cat and wolf breeding(off camera).

Survive and ThriveEdit

Paul found Dusk before episode 44 of Survive and Thrive. Not much is known about her taming because Paul was not recording at the time. Her name suggests that it may have been sunset by the time Paul managed to tame her. She and Tang were bred to produce Scratchy who, while she has not died in Survive and Thrive, was killed by a creeper explosion in Soaring No Longer. She was killed in episode 63 of Survive and Thrive. They were in a village at night and a skeleton attacked Paul. Paul tried to shoot it but Dusk jumped in the way, killing her in one shot.