Ferdinand is a loyal and powerful knight in King Punchwood's Kingdom.

Ferdinand started as a regular warrior in the start of the series, but soon rised to the high rank of the Guardian of The Gate.

Life as a WarriorEdit

Ferdinand was borned into a rich family, and had masterd the ways of the warrior since he was at the age of 10.

His mother died as a result of a horrible diease and his father fell in battle in the great war of the turtles.

Ferdinand then enlisted in the army, but soon found that the leaders were weak and greedy. But one day, while he was guarding a lord's castle, he heard about King Punchwood, who was generous and strong.

Ferdinand quited his old job as a guard and joined King Punchwood's army.

Rise of RanksEdit

Ferdinand showed both courage and determation that started to catch the attention of King Punchwood. He was eventually promoted to sergeant and soon was promoted to captain when he showed great courage when fighting an orge.

However, it was during the invasion of the raficuls, where Ferdinand showed his bravely that earned him the Rank of Guardian of The Gate.

Love interestEdit

Ferdinand have a romantic relation with Nancy the banker, but knowing his dutys to the king, he could only visit her during the night.

Ferdinand was heartbroken when he found a secert chest in Nancy's bakery. It contained bones and spider eyes which convinced King Punchwood to think that Nancy was a witch.