Foxxy is the priestess of Sir Punchwood's kingdom in Tale of Kingdoms.


When King Punchwood went to visit the newly built church he requested to see the priestess. She appeared next to the king in an array of red hearts. He was so stunned by her beauty that he was constantly stammering while introducing himself and her to the kingdom.


Foxxy is very kind in nature, but she does have hidden fighting spirt. She appears loyal to the king saying she will protect him. She is forgiving seeing how even though Pu attacked her she wasn't willing to hold a grudge against him.


King PunchwoodEdit

Foxxy views Punchwood as her king,and close friend. Punchwood has a crush on Foxxy. He trys to protect her even though it should be vice versa. He is protective over her when others are present with the acception of young Squire Beans.

Squire BeansEdit

Beans and Foxxy appear to be good friends. Due to his long stay in the infermery nothing else is known.

Pu the PantherEdit

When Punchwood went to introduce Foxxy to his rare and exotic pets, Pu was confused by her presence. He soon saw her as a threat and attacked. Foxxy was sent to the infermery after Punchwood stopped the fight by making a light strick to Pu with Diamondo. After she got out of the infermery Foxxy forgave Pu. The panther is still suspicious, but to date hasn't attack her again.