Irma is the Iron Golem Sentry who guards the Tower of Power from the shadows of the night.

Arma GolemEdit

The iron golems were born in episode 50 of How to survive and thrive. Paul started the episode in the NPC Village from episode 24 and showed us Arma Golem, who is still protecting the NPC Village today.... maybe. He said he wanted one for his Tower of Power and complete the project at last. Unfortuntely, Arma did not want to leave the village undefended and was to heavy to carry, so Paul grabbed his boat and went home.

Iggy GolemEdit

But he was not done yet. He still had one more plan and that was to build a golem of his own. He was fully aware of how expensive they were but he really wanted one so, 'what the heck, let's do it'. Using 36 iron ignots he crafted 4 blocks of iron blocks. He made a T-shape with them, then finished it by putting a pumpkin head on top, and Iggy was created, for tower of power defense (except for creepers).


After being created, Iggy did not seem to like the Tower of Power and decided to try run for it. He attempted to jump over the fence but Paul managed to secure the perimiter to 100%. So then Iggy had no choice but to work for him. And after a while, he got used to living at the tower. However, he does not like Tang too much and Paul realises this, so Tang has never set foot in the tower grounds since. Iggy also really likes music and dances whenever 'Ward' is playing. His only problem is that Golems and Creepers were one time good friends until the creepers rebeled against the world. Despite that, Iggy still does not want to hurt them. When he's not fighting monsters, he's staring out into the forest, hoping someday he will be reunited with Arma and the rest of the golem tribe. His only worry in life is that he might someday fall into the lava moat of Tower of Power. Tang aside, he is kind-hearted and loyal toward his master, but overpowers him hugely. Over time however, Iggy started becoming more distant to Paul and company, and only recently blocked Paul from leaving the Tower of Power, for a reason still unknown. Even more recently, a 'spy' chicken was caught running up the stairs to the Tower of Power claiming to be visiting Iggy, and of course, Iggy denied knowing the chicken.


  • Despite being created in episode 50 of Survive and Thrive, Paul did not give Iggy his name until episode 77; Smelting Netherrack into Brick.