The fourth part of the Man VS Minecraft series, in which Paul and Wilson are trapped in the Twilight Forest. Sometimes the key to escape is right in in our pockets and we just chuck it carelessly in a chest for anyone to steal...


In Season 4 of Man VS Minecraft Paul was 'pushed' into a mysterious portal by a very particular wolf. Not the Nether Portal, that was in season 3. This time it was a 4x4 one on the ground, surrounded by flowers, mushrooms, etc. Just like in Season 3, the portal vanishes, not even leaving the frame, and Paul and Wilson are forced to survive for fourteen days together once again.


Main CharacterEdit

Pablo Punchwood.









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The StoryEdit

Paul and Wilson are stranded in the Twilight forest and must survive there for a full fortnight. They started by exploring. They quickly found a huge tree and realised it was hollow. Paul decided it would soon be a shelter. First, however, he wanted a hidey hole, like in Survive and Thrive. So they settled in a cave for a few nights, unaware of the evil below them. Later, Paul and Wilson moved into the Hollow tree. It became their second base, but not the main one. After a while, Paul moved out and discovered an ancient courtyard. Upon examining it, he spot a large serpent in the middle. He attempted to fight but he quickly fled due to its strenght and ability to regenerate somehow. Paul later came across a ravine. He was about to move on but then noticed the twinkle beneath the water, the one and only, the girlsbestfriend, DIAMOND! And three at that. So he made his way down to the ravine and mined out the diamond. Curiously, it made the water bubble, but Paul thought nothing of it and mined the rest. Once he got out, he continued moving and found an abandoned house. He looked inside and the owner of the house revealed himself: A mad, dead farmer with a bow. After defeating the farmer and his skeletal family, Paul took over the house and made it his main base. He then used two of his diamond to make a diamond sword and put the last in the chest, where he made an interesting discovery. A single ingot, a combination of iron and gold, not found in minecraftia. There was something else and, when smelted, became the same ingot. Paul studied this material and discovered its recipe. He then made more of these 'Ironwood' ingots and stored them away. After more exploration, a creepy castle loomed overhead. Although curiousity killed the cat, Paul explored the castle and came face to skull with the lord of the castle- the great Lich! After a short fight, Paul retreated back to the house. The Lich attempted to give chase but gave up, for it saw no point. However, thanks to the Lich's powerful atack, Paul realises just how powerful the forest's contents were. If both the Naga and Lich were so powerful, then so must be it's materials. Paul then gathered up his Ironwood and made a chestplate and sword, both automatically enchanted. Paul decided it was not enough to fight the Lich. The Naga, however, would be an easy kill. Before rushing out, Paul made his plan. He was to dig a hidey hole in the middle and strike from in there. The battle restarted and Paul eventually won by knocking out the segments of the Naga, and killing of the head in the end. He then got it's material and headed to the hollow tree, where he made it into a pair of pants with a high enchantment. He was then ready to face the Lich again, and this time Paul prevailed. He was then able to research how to get back home to Minecraftia. Soon, he found it in a secret attic. He needed a 2x2 pool of water, mushrroms, flowers and a DIAMOND! And he still had one. However, things are never that easy. When he got back to the house, he saw it burnt down. The chest was gone, along with the diamond. But diamond wouldn't burn would it? He checked back at the tree but the chest there was gone too. Finally, he checked the hideyhole. It was empty as well. But then, Paul heard a laugh of triumph. He looked into a crack in the wall and saw a group of goblins. The house didn't burn down. He had been ransacked. The goblins had the last diamond. Seeing no other choice, Paul and Wilson fought through the Goblin Lair and eventually recovered the diamond. They made the portal and went home. But not at the same time as they left it...