Minecraft Dad- Ep.24- My Daughter's Birthday Surprise (BOOM!)


Minecraft Dad


Paulsoaresjr, Remmi

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9 April 2011

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Minecraft Dad - Ep

Minecraft Dad - Ep. 24 - My Daughter's Birthday Surprise (BOOM!)

This episode of Minecraft Dad was made to celebrate Remmi's birthday- an event, as will all other Soare's birthdays, ended in tears (and TNT).


This special episode of Minecraft Dad begins with Paul being very secretive and quiet outside a small cave. He explains to the viewers that yesterday was Remmi (his daughter)’s birthday yesterday and that he decided to make her a Minecraft ‘surprise’. He shows us the cave that holds a cake on a small table made of wooden planks, surrounded by suspicious-looking pressure plates. Cautiously, he places a block of TNT under one of the pressure plates and quickly hurries from the cave, saying he has second thoughts- “This is horrible! It’s her birthday!”However, he blames Remmi for having her birthday so close to April Fools’ Day and then covers up the side of the cave with sand!
As he heads back to the town, he explains his plans of leading his daughter over to the sand cave, getting distracted easily (as usual) by a ‘cool’ pit of lava! As he reaches Remmi’s village he finishes this section of the video laughing maniacally and saying: “I just feel rotten!” What a cruel person! The video cuts out and begins again with the caption of ‘Many Days Later…’
He begins again in Remmi’s town with his daughter in tow, re-explaining to the viewers about Remmi’s birthday and showing them her new, mature skin! Remmi tells us that her favourite flower is a yellow tulip and Paul tells her to follow the ‘yellow tulips’ (Paul says they are more like daisies) to her birthday surprise!
As they head to the wall of sand, Paul talks about a mistake he made several years earlier, where he gave Remmi a bouquet of pink tulips and then she told him that ‘yellow are my favourite’! Remmi then realises that the trail of flowers end up in a wall and Paul acts innocent and says: “I don’t know, it looks like a dead end…” but Remmi cottons on that she has to dig quickly and she digs through the sand to reveal the cake in the cave! Remmi jumps through the hole in excitement and she is about to say thanks when the TNT explodes and the front of the cave blows up. Remmi seems unhurt and then gets frustrated at her Dad while Paul laughs at his own cruelty!
He quickly gives his daughter a golden apple as a consolation gift and then proceeds to show Remmi the real present in a chest hiding in a second wall. This one thankfully doesn’t explode and Paul shows us all the stuff he put in as Remmi’s real birthday present. The chest contained: 12 yellow flowers, some cocoa beans, 5 cookies, a jukebox, a golden apple, two records, 12 orange wool, 12 blue wool and 12 yellow wool. Paul explains that the jukebox is relevant because Remmi got an iPod for her ‘real birthday’.
Remmi and Paul mess around for a minute, testing out different records in the jukebox. Then they begin heading back to Remmi’s village. They discuss Remmi’s reaction to the TNT in the cave. Apparently, Remmi was ‘confused, and didn’t know what was happening!’ Paul also admits to her how bad he feels! Paul says he had expected Remmi to die from the TNT and promptly places a block of TNT down in the middle of Remmi’s village. His daughter tells him to ‘don’t do that!’ and in Paul's attempt to remove it, he accidentally sets it off, blowing himself up and making a massive crater in Remmi's street! Remmi seems more annoyed with Paul about this bomb than the first, mainly because it was in her village. Now Paul feels really bad.  While Remmi, who survived the explosion, attempts to mend the hole, Paul, who respawns back in the main town, heads back to her village. He fast-forwards the footage here. The video begins again with Paul being chased by 2 creepers across the football pitch. He meets Remmi at the end of the pitch. Paul then causes the creepers to blow up at the corner of the pitch and Remmi is even more exasperated at her Dad ‘blowing up everything’!
He sheepishly covers up the hole and goes to find Remmi at her Boof Store, who hits him into a cactus for entering her property! Paul inspects Remmi’s tree farm and then they talk about the ‘major flaw in TNT design’, in the fact that you can’t pick it up, which is what caused the hole in Remmi’s street!
Paul then reveals to Remmi that he has another real present for Remmi so he leaves to get it. While Paul is gone, Remmi tries to dig under Paul to put him in a hole but JumboMuffin uses Paul computer and apprehends her. In the background, you can hear Paul giving Remmi a bunch of yellow tulips (how romantic!) and after a brief hello from TojoCrow and JumboMuffin, the ‘darn kids’ make a swift exit from Paul’s computer before he finds them!
As Paul is still away from his computer, Remmi covers Paul in sand and when Paul returns he takes ages to escape from his ‘cranky teenager daughter’. He threatens to turn PVP on and then Paul talks about giving Remmi the yellow tulips and Remmi’s birthday. Remmi talks about going to laser tag for her birthday and her winning streak. Paul came 4th and 2nd over two games while Remmi won both times. Paul wished Remmi a final happy birthday and told Remmi to go do her chores!

Memorable QuotesEdit

“This is just… horrible, isn’t it? Now, she might see that… but she might not. Yeah, I’m having second thoughts. This is dreadful. It’s her birthday! But it also is really close to April Fool’s so y’know… it’s what happens when you have your birthday so close to April Fools!”


“Aaaah, aaah! Oh my God!”

**Paul laughs constantly in background**

-Remmi, after blowing up at her birthday surprise

It’s so despicable of me, isn’t it?”

–Paulsoaresjr, about Remmi’s surprise

“Cookies are just part of your present, the album was like a snack.”

–Paulsoaresjr, about Remmi’s presents

“Oh my god! Come on, you destroyed half the- Uh!”

–Remmi, after Paul blew a hole in her town

“You’re just blowing up everything, aren’t you!”

–Remmi, talking about Paul

Chicken: “Cluck, cluck, cluck.”

Paul: “Bock, bock, bock!” 

-Paulsoaresjr, imitating a chicken