This page gives you information on Episode 25 of Minecraft Dad, in which Paul and Remmi attempt the adventure map, Pirates Cove by Matthew_J. As always, it ends rather explosively...

Note: This is Part 1 in the serial of videos featuring the Pirate's Cove Map. Links will be at the bottom of the page for Parts 2 and 3. 


Pirate’s Cove is the first adventure map that Paul plays in his Minecraft Dad series. Remmi is also along for the ride and the adventure is split into 2 episodes, the first of which is this.
The episode begins with Paul in a pool of water next to a small wooden cabin. He introduces Remmi and he explains her idea of doing a custom map-and Paul explains that he chose this one from the Minecraft Forums. It is made by Matthew_J. Paul reminds the viewers about ‘how good he is’ at puzzle maps (veteran viewers will know he isn’t very good).
After breaking into the spawn area, Remmi reads the rules off some signs on the wall and they set off after Remmi takes all the starting gear and a disgruntled Paul is left with none. Their first challenge is to navigate over some stone pressure plates, which Remmi does successfully and… Paul gets hit by two arrows.
Then they choose to turn right down a small tunnel and get a reward for going the correct way with some treasure (mushroom soup and iron ore) that Remmi promptly steals from Paul again. They move into the next room which contains a wooden pressure plate and a lever. Paul throws his ‘feather of death’ on the wooden pressure plate and pulls the lever, which opens the iron door into the next chamber.
They pass down a stone stairway, past a lava spring and find a secret tunnel in a pool of water and follow it down to another stone corridor. This leads to a room filled with lava and a jumping puzzle. They notice there are pressure plates on the stepping stones that lead to the opposite side and realise that they will get shot into the lava if they are not quick enough.
Paul goes first, eating his stew before-hand, and gets the majority of the way across but gets knocked into the lava on the final hurdle because he was hit by two arrows at once! He burns to death and then teleports to Remmi using the /tp Paulsoaresjr remmi command. Paul takes Remmi’s stuff (5 bowls, 3 red mushrooms, one cooked fish and one brown mushroom) before having a go at the puzzle. She too gets most of the way across but catches on fire. However, she manages to jump back to a handy pool of water at the entrance. She has another go but this time burns to death like her Dad.
Remmi and Paul re-assess the puzzle and realise only some of the pressure plates are rigged up to the dispensers. Remmi teleports back to Paul and has a third go. However, she catches on fire again and burns to death for a second time. While Remmi teleports back, Paul talks to his viewers about Skype Requests (you can hear him getting some in the background). He says: “I don’t take requests, because it’s just… I don’t use Skype that often, really, it’s only when I’m recording.” This is one of many times in Paul’s Minecraft ‘career’ that he has hinted to viewers that he likes a lot of privacy (a lot of this crops up in his MineZ series) and doesn’t particularly want to be bombarded with fans every second of the day.
Meanwhile, Remmi has reached the end and Paul follows her with surprising agility as Remmi grabs all of the treasure again (as usual). Donning her new iron helmet, Remmi leads Paul through the next tunnel, which turns into a large cavern system. They find an ‘extra bonus challenge’. Loads of chests are surrounded by several stone pressure plates. Paul cautiously steps on the first pressure plate, but it doesn’t explode. Suspecting that the trap is a ‘red herring’, he continues on but a large explosion causes both him and Remmi to blow up, revealing it was a trap after all.
They spawn back at the cabin and quickly travel all the way back through the various challenges they have already completed, but Paul only escapes the lava jumping puzzle with half a heart. The episode ends on a slight cliffhanger, as Paul could die at any moment and Remmi teleports across the lava to Paul. This episode is continued in Episode 26 of Minecraft Dad.


“Remmi said ‘Hey, lets do a custom map’, because I had been talking about it for a while and every  time I asked if somebody wanted to do one they just looked at me going ‘Greeah! Greeah!’ Grumble.”

–Paulsoaresjr, talking about his attempts to persuade his kids to play a custom map with him 0:16

Remmi: “…3 bowls and 1 mushroom. I and took it!”

Paul: “And… how come the ch-? Yeah, and I was going to say, how come there’s nothing in there! Ah, ooh, ai, oh! You’re getting all dressed for battle, it looks like and I… um… am not prepared!”

–Paulsoaresjr and Remmi, talking about Remmi stealing the contents of the chest 2:13

“I have a feather too, in case we come across any bad guys. I’ll just, tickle them to death!”

–Paulsoaresjr 4:29

“Yeah, so there’s a double whammy, we get shot!”

–Paulsoaresjr, talking about the deadly lava puzzle 6:22

“What happens if we die?” 

–Remmi 6:53

Paul: “You know my name?”

Remmi: “Yes.”

Paul: “Good. That’s a trick question."

-Paulsoaresjr and Remmi 9:49

“You know what, the pants? Forget the pants. I don’t need no stinking pants!”

–Paulsoaresjr 11:09

“Tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, BOOM!”

–Paulsoaresjr, impersonating a bomb that was to blow him up about 10 seconds later 12:55


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