This page gives you information on Episode 26 of Minecraft Dad, in which Paul and Remmi attempt the adventure map, Pirates Cove by Matthew_J. As always, it ends rather explosively...

Note: This is Part 2 in the serial of videos featuring the Pirates Cove Map. Links will be at the bottom of the page for Parts 1 and 3.


Minecraft Dad - Ep 26 - Pirate's Cove (Part 2)-0

Minecraft Dad - Ep 26 - Pirate's Cove (Part 2)-0

This episode of Minecraft Dad is the second part in a three-part adventure map called Pirates Cove by Matthew_J that tracks the adventures of Paul and Remmi as they puzzle their way through various tricks and traps. At the end of the prior episode, Paul failed to recognise an obvious trap and it resulted in getting both him and his daughter ‘blowed up’. They respawned and have now continued on the adventure.
They begin again by inspecting the massive hole caused by the TNT that Paul set off. Remmi wants to go and retrieve their scattered treasures but Paul presses further on. The pair then discover a stone maze littered with pressure plates that trigger arrows to fire from dispensers. They almost find their way out when Remmi sets off a block of TNT, knocking both of them to the ground. Paul is left with half a heart (Paul had eaten from the end of the previous episode). They climb out of their latest hole-in-the-ground and continue through the maze. Remmi eventually finds the end and convinces her dad to walk over a stone pressure plate, which leads to him getting shot in the back and dying!
Paul teleports back to Remmi and they move to the next room. They discover a piece of TNT in a locked glass cage (like an exhibit) and find a jumping puzzle made of ice across a shallow pit. Paul makes the jumps first after just two attempts and pulls a lever at the end. He makes his way back to the other side and follows Remmi through the iron door that has now opened.
Their next puzzle is a lever puzzle. Four levers positioned on a wall and Remmi suspects that the exhibition block of TNT will blow up if they press the wrong one. Remmi takes a guess at random but nothing happens. Paul realises that they have to blow up the TNT because it will open the way to the next tunnel. They continue taking guesses at random and the third lever blows up the TNT that reveals a passageway. Paul briefly blocks Remmi in the tunnel with cobblestone but she eventually breaks out, only to block him in. He uses the ‘scientists and wizards’ approach and teleports to Remmi instead of breaking the cobble.
They are now in a room with several streams of water leading into dark holes in the walls. Paul floats down one of them and stands on a pressure plate at the end, making TNT explode in the main room. He swims back up the stream and goes up another and pulls a lever. He heads back down through a hole in the ceiling of the main room, sure that ‘something awesome just happened.’
Remmi realises the next door opened and she runs through to discover yet another room covered in pressure plates. She begins to run across the room ‘like a bull in a china shop’ setting off a dozen or so plates and Paul, realising what is going to happen, retreats up the corridor. Sure enough, Remmi blows up and dies in another colossal explosion, but Paul remains relatively unharmed. He happily collects a diamond that got blasted out of the wall. They escape from the hole (again…) and they find… another jumping puzzle! This one is made of single stone blocks placed across a deep pit holding a solitary skeleton.
Before attempting it, Paul gives the diamond he found to Remmi, apologising about blowing her up for her birthday on April Fools’ Day (see episode 24 of Minecraft Dad for full summary). She promptly throws the diamond into the chasm and says that ‘that’s what she thinks of accidents!’ Paul jumps across the jumping puzzle and clicks a lever halfway across. Trying to get across the second half, he falls into the pit and gets attacked by a zombie that kills him because he was injured in the fall.
He teleports back to Remmi again and they continue the jumping puzzle but Remmi pushes Paul back into the pit and the episode ends by Paul getting hit by a mysterious arrow…
This adventure is concluded in the next episode of Minecraft Dad.


“This isn’t even a maze, it’s a torture chamber!”

–Paulsoaresjr, getting frustrated because he was blown up again 2:14

“I trusted you and I got shot in the back by a crossbow bolt.”

–Paulsoaresjr 3:42

“Hey, there’s an empty chest-funny! I wonder where all the stuff went?”

–Paulsoaresjr, referring to his daughters knack of looting the chests before him 4:14

“See there’s one here and one, two, three, four, five pieces of dirt and four levers! Dun dun dun!”

–Paulsoaresjr, getting over-technical with a lever puzzle 6:14

Remmi: “Hwa, ah, ba!”

Paul: “Whazzah?”

Remmi: “Aba?”

Paul: “Whazzah?”

Remmi: “Did you just do that?”

Paul: “What?”

-Remmi and Paulsoaresjr, after Paul just blocked Remmi in a tunnel 7:33

Paul: “Oh, there’s stairs and a lever. I just clicked the lever.”

Remmi: “Oh yeah, I already clicked that lever.”

Paul: “You did?”

Remmi: “That was the lever I just clicked.”

-Paulsoaresjr and Remmi, getting confused about levers 10:45

Remmi: “Did you die?”

Paul: “No, I ran like the Dickens!”

-Remmi and Paulsoaresjr, referring to Remmi setting off yet another bomb 12:01


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