This page gives you information on Episode 26 of Minecraft Dad, in which Paul and Remmi attempt the adventure map, Pirates Cove by Matthew_J. As always, it ends rather explosively...

Note: This is Part 3 in the serial of videos featuring the Pirate's Cove Map. Links will be at the bottom of the page for Parts 1 and 2.


Minecraft Dad - Ep 27 - Pirate's Cove (Part 3)

Minecraft Dad - Ep 27 - Pirate's Cove (Part 3)

This episode of Minecraft Dad is the third and final part of the Pirates Cove adventure map that began in Minecraft Dad Episodes 25 and 26. The episode begins with Paul escaping up a ladder from the large pit that he fell in at the end of the last episode. As he tries to push his daughter into the pit, she pushes him in again and he dies. He teleports back to Remmi.
They begin to tackle the stone jumping puzzle again. Paul eventually ‘throws down the towel on these silly puzzle maps’ and they build a bridge across the gaps. They move into the last room. They read some signs from the map creator, Matthew_J, who thanks them for playing and says well done for getting this far. Paul thanks the creator of the map for making a nice map. He says that he enjoyed it but he just gets tired of the jumping puzzles after a while.
As Paul walks back into the previous room, Remmi accidentally sets off an enormous amount of TNT, that is likely to have been the map-makers ‘goodbye prize’. Remmi dies and Paul has a look around the massive cavern created by the TNT, until he gets killed by a slime.
The two meet up again at spawn and Remmi, who is determined to see the mess the TNT made, leads her Dad back through the adventure map to the place of their deaths (after having to break through the wall of cobblestone that Remmi made in a previous episode). When they reach the cavern caused by the explosion, they find it full of monsters. Paul is killed quickly by a skeleton as he was only on two hearts and respawns once again. He attempts to teleport back to Remmi.
Remmi however dies again and Paul declares ‘this really is the end’ as they are both stuck back at spawn. They argue briefly about leaving each other on the sandy island and Paul begins to punch a tree (in typical Paulsoaresjr fashion) and makes a boat. He then proceeds to hit a spy chicken with the boat. This spy chicken turns out to be a ‘super-spy chicken’, as described by Paul as it is ‘very elusive’!
Paul begins to sail away but his boat breaks on a small wooded island. He declares that he ‘will be living here from now on’. He says that he doesn’t need kids any more that push him into pits of doom. He settles down on the island with his sapling but Remmi invades the island and Paul is outraged!
His pet sapling begins the ongoing joke that Paul makes of all saplings being called ‘Sappy’. He takes Sappy and leaves the island but Remmi chases him, but she falls into a deep hole straight away. Paul continues to run away but Remmi teleports to him and follows him again through the woods.
The episode continues in this fashion for a while until they come to the agreement that it’s time to get off and Paul plants Sappy at the top of a steep-sided hill, but Remmi throws Sappy off a cliff. Paul jumps down and retrieves his Sappy and the chase begins again…
The episode ends (eventually) with Paul planting Sappy on a remote beach  and they both log out. This episode is the concluding part to the Pirates Cove adventure. Credits of the map go to Matthew_J.


“There’s an invisible skeleton shooting my butt! Oh, wait, wait, wait! Escape! Take that, skeleton!”

–Paulsoaresjr 0:17

“Super skills? Super skills of falling to my death!”

Paulsoaresjr, talking about Remmi’s ‘super-skills’ 2:17

“This is the end, this is the end my friend! This is the-”

–sung by Paulsoaresjr 4:00

“Wooah! What are you-? Wooaah, that’s lagging some things!”

–Paulsoaresjr’s reaction as Remmi sets off the TNT 4:20

Paul: “Do you ever get the feeling you’re being followed?”

Remmi: “No.”

Paul: “Oh… (whispers) Not very perceptive.”

-Paulsoaresjr and Remmi 6:11


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