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Minecraft Dad E1 Cover


Minecraft Dad


Paulsoaresjr, Jumbomuffin, Remmi, Lofar

Air Date

Dec 4, 2010

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" Just good old-fashioned family fun in Minecraft!"

Paul takes a tour around his family server. In this Video Paul introduces us to his kids and shows of some builds on his server.

Video summary

Paul spawns into his family server at the spawn point and considered it a bonus server, He heads outside. He then proceeds to explaining that many people have asked him for the ip of the server, and there are several reasons that he can`t give it out. While this happens he also comments on the fact that monsters were turned on recently and battles a zombie. He then goes over to Remmi’s house where his kids are holed up, also explaining that the server was a newer one. He then proceeds to introduce his Children, Jumbomuffin, Remmi and ChiefChirpa (then Lofar). He also comments that Remmi was his old account. Then he proceeds to ask his kids to say hello through server chat, since they were all in separate rooms. Remmi, in the mean time, begins breaking the furniture. He then goes over to help Lofar get into the spawn point by breaking the doors. Then points out his first build, a large “Hi” made out of dirt. He comments on the old world that they had, in which they did a lot of cheating in. He then follows Lofar and mentions that Lofar’s birthday past very recently. He also mentions that player vs player is off, citing the reason to be: “I certainly don’t need the kids fighting in the game, they fight enough outside the game.” He attempts to demonstrate the “goto” command by warping to Remmi, however it doesn’t work. He claims to have gotten it of the wiki while searching for other commands, at the same time trying the command again. He mentions that fact that he could teleport but ends up walking instead. When he reaches Remmi, she is in the process of replacing her door, which was a nether portal, since it could keep monsters out. He goes in a random direction and stops to punch a pair of spy chickens into some lava. Then he discovers some pigs, which Lofar needed earlier in the episode, only to find that Lofar already got his pig. He proceeds to kill them and eat the pork chops to heal. He then punches some wood in order to get more established in the world. He also talks about preparations for Christmas. He finds a house that he doesn’t know who built it, but decides to hole up in there since it is cozy. The video concludes with Paul talking about a new series that He wanted to put out shortly, describing it a Minecraft survivor-man series (Man vs. Minecraft )

Memorable quotes

“My daughter’s breaking all of the furniture.... stop breaking stuff!”

-Paulsoaresjr in reaction to Remmi breaking a furnace

“OMG! My daughter’s a griefer! How did it come to this?”

-Paulsoaresjr in reference to Remmi breaking a furnace

“That was my first construction. Spawn point’s on the other side of the beach. I didn’t spell it backwards.”

-Paulsoaresjr in reference to the large dirt “Hi”

“I certainly don’t need the kids fighting in the game, they fight enough outside the game. Last thing I need is these guys able to fight each other in the game and killing one another”


“Admittedly, I’ve never tried it. I just saw it on the wiki this morning.”

-Paulsoaresjr in reference to the “goto” command

“The kids just wanted to get on a vid, and this is it... of course just like in real life, their always running and hiding from me.”

-Paulsoaresjr in reference to his children

“We even have spy-chickens on the home server. Nothing is sacred.”

-Paulsaoresjr in reference to the chickens

“Push you into the fire. Oh sorry, Spy-chickens not allowed.”

-Paulsoaresjr in reference to the chickens

“Spy-chickens, Kill ‘em on sight. They are not to be trusted.”

-Paulsoaresjr voicing his opinion on chickens