My Daughter’s tour of our Minecraft Family server
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Minecraft Dad


Remmi, Jumbomuffin

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Dec 13, 2010

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“Recently I did a tour of my family server while my kids were all playing. Soon after, my daughter recorded her own guided tour of the server and this is the result. It's her first video with commentary and it's adorable so I just had to share. Enjoy!”

Paul’s daughter Remmi decides to do her own tour of the family server. She goes around showing off different sights and providing commentary.

Video summaryEdit

Remmi spawns in at her house and begins the video with loud and enthusiastic introduction. She shows us around her small house and comments that she actually isn’t on her account in the video. Then she heads over to her farm, which is also small and grows wheat. She also heads over to the spawn point and comments on Paul’s first build, the large dirt “Hi”. She then goes to a large lava structure, and goes inside it. It is at this point her brother, Jumbomuffin, spawns in. Then she goes over to Jumbo’s cactus structure and goes to the top of it, at the same time wondering why her brother is following her around. She also explains that the Nether is disabled and demonstrates that by attempting to go into the Nether. She then heads over to the Church and explains the family’s plans for when monsters are re-enabled (they were enabled before but the chaos caused them to disable until they were ready.) She then sees something that she hadn’t seen before and heads over to find out what it is. She finds what appears to be a house with no doors or windows. She heads back down to the town and debates if she should show us her secret cave. She decides not to, with the reason being that she doesn’t want the information falling into the wrong hands. She comments on her father’s lack of items in his inventory and comments on his skin, saying he looks sunburnt. She concludes the video by heading to the spawn point and logging out.           

Memorable quotesEdit

“This is his house and he’s following me around and I don’t know why. He’s weird.”

-Remmi about her brother

“Up an’ up an’ up... ahhhhhh! Oh no, I almost just died. Good thing I’m on peaceful right now”


“And the treasure box with diamond, Stuff like that, that’s, you know, boring stuff”


“No I’m not going to show it you, because I don’t know who’s going to watch this.”


“Also I hid my portal somewhere, but I’m not even going to talk about that because I don’t know if my dad’s going to study this video... or maybe even Travis will study it.”


“Uh yah, this is my dad. He’s like, sunburned or something”

-Remmi on Paul’s skin