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Remmi introduces Ditzon...

“Join my family on wild adventures, grand tours and chaotic battles on our Minecraft multiplayer survival server.”

This page is dedicated to the 22nd episode of Minecraft Dad- an installment that brought us Justin Bieber, reverse Spleef and lots of oranges.


Summary This episode is a break from tradition as it does not star Paul himself (although he does add a few pop-up comments during the video). The video is ‘hosted’ by his daughter, Remmi and is focussed around her showing her friend, Ditzon, around their server. Ditzon is new to ‘Survival Minecraft’ and is only used to playing the Classic Mode, or ‘boring mode’ as Paul calls it.
The episode begins with Remmi introducing Ditzon to the viewers and makes a point that her friend’s skin is Justin Bieber and Remmi says that she does not like the popular singer and finds it very annoying that her best friend is obsessed!
After introductions, Remmi explains about the main new feature of the newly-released Minecraft Beta 1.3-beds. They showcase the beds in action and sleep until the morning. Then, they head up to the Spleef Arena (visited in previous episodes). Remmi introduces the ‘Reverse Spleef Arena’ that she made. It works in the same way as Spleef but you must knock your opponent down from below instead of both being on the same level. After playing a ‘test’ game, they decide to walk to the ‘Boof’ store (Remmi’s food store). While looking around the Food Store, Remmi talks about MinecraftMom’s first go at Minecraft and comments: “It’s hard to believe she’s part of our family.”
From the Food store, Remmi walks through the main town area, still talking to Ditzon over Skype. While walking around, Remmi talks about her reaction to Paul’s popularity on YouTube and seems amazed at the willingness for his subscribers to watch a half an hour episode of his family doing practically nothing-which turned out to be what Minecraft Dad was all about. “Just good clean fun” as Paul would say, and that is partially how Paul’s success as a video producer began.
Remmi continues to show Ditzon around their town and their half-completed football pitch. While walking to Remmi’s water park, she explains about Ditzon’s conversion from Classic Mode to Survival Mode with a funny quote from Paul’s pop-up notes: “Classic Mode. No monsters. Lame!” When they reached Remmi’s water park, ‘The Hall of Falls’, Remmi shows the viewers around some of the basic water rides and Ditzon is impressed.
They briefly mention ‘Tojo Crow’, JumboMuffin’s friend who previously starred in a Minecraft Dad episode. Next, Remmi shows Ditzon their music stand and then Remmi encourages the viewers to comment on whether they like Justin Bieber or not. Ditzon responds with: “I’m going to get crushed. You are basically killing me right now!”
The pair then experience a bug which causes Remmi and Ditzon to get trapped in a ‘haunted fireplace’. As night begins, Remmi assigns them a quest of reaching her food store while escaping the monsters -- Ditzon is scared of EVERYTHING! Ditzon leaves Remmi to get chased by every variety of monster. Eventually, Remmi catches up to Ditzon, but a Spider approaches! Remmi sees the spider, but forgets that spiders can climb (Paul writes "OMG Remmi. Look up!" in the subtitles) and talks with Ditzon. While she isn't looking, Remmi is killed by the spider. Remmi runs back and reclaims her stuff and she meets Ditzon at the food store. They go to sleep.
They end the episode by playing another game of ‘Reverse Spleef’. They then begin the famous ‘Orange’ argument! Remmi ends up jumping down on the lower level and having another brief argument about the word orange! (find out more about the 'Orange Argument' in the quotes section below).

Memorable QuotesEdit

“IT’S MORNING! YAAAAY! I can see the light!”

–Remmi, about waking up

"See, like you have to follow and try and get her to fall.

Well technically, apparently, my skin says I’m a he.        '    

Uh, I’m not actually sure about that.

Oh, well then!”

-Remmi and Ditzon, referencing Ditzon’s Justin Bieber skin 

"I get really, really scared of the monsters!

Especially creepers, you get really freaked out by creepers!

I’m sorry, I have fears, I am emotional!”

-Remmi and Ditzon

"I am now walking, um, towards whatever that is.

Oh, that tells me a lot!”

-Remmi and Ditzon, arguing again

“Wait, I need to choose a colour, I’m oorange, right?

Right, you’re orange.

No, I’m oorange.

It’s orange!

It’s not orange.

It’s orange.

You know what, they can choose. Is it oorange or orange?”

-The Famous ‘Orange’ Argument between Remmi and Ditzon about the pronunciation of the word ‘orange’.