Episode 23 of Minecraft Dad was centred around Remmi trying to take the plunge into the infamous 404-gravel-hole, and ultimately failing...


The 404 Challenge was a Minecraft map seed that presented a terrifying challenge to players. They were given a single day to collect valuable resources from the world like wood and food. At sunset, you should dig in a pile of gravel near spawn, and you would fall into a massive cavern. The challenge was to survive as long as possible: farming, exploring and thriving inside this cave and you can’t leave. 
Paul and JumboMuffin had already attempted this challenge but now, in Episode 23 of Minecraft Dad, it was Remmi’s turn! She starts by telling viewers the rules of the challenge and begins to collect resources throughout the daytime. First, she collects wood and saplings before crafting some basic tools. While doing this she talks about her plans for her adventures into the Cave, like making a tree farm and collecting seeds to make a wheat farm.
After only getting four seeds and using up an entire wooden hoe (disaster!), she punches a pig to collect its pork. Then she finds some coal in a stony outcrop and collects it. She also collects some stone and crafts a furnace and some stone tools. She hoes more soil which gives her 18 more seeds.
As night draws in, she begins to panic a bit more. She realises she won’t be able to find any more pig meat or gravel (forgetting that the actual hole is made of gravel!). Soon, she can’t see anything because of the darkness. She loses many hearts of health because of falling and she falls in some water that pulls her down into a deep hole and she dies of falling too far!
She respawns, despite not knowing what to do. She begins again by running round in complete darkness, trying to find her bearings. She swims across a large expanse of water but remains completely lost. She sees gravel in the distance but several skeletons begin shooting at her. Even though she knows this is cheating, she collects her stuff from down the hole but she died shortly again shortly afterwards because she was shot by a skeleton. The episode promptly finishes straight after she dies, concluding the adventures of Remmi’s 404 Challenge and deeming them as an ultimate failure that even MinecraftMom could be proud of!

Memorable QuotesEdit

“See I’m trying to do this really fast too because I only have the whole day to do this, and it may sound like a long time but nights gonna come before I know it.”

–Remmi 2:23

“Oh my God, why did I make that? I keep making the wrong things! Come on!”

–Remmi, after crafting too many stone pickaxes 9:29

“I need to build a nice structure as soon as I get down there, just surround myself, just get all organised!”

–Remmi, preparing for the 404 Challenge 12:03

“Aah, I just died, because I fell too far! Oh wow, am I… do I have to?”

–Remmi, exasperated after dying 12:31

“Uuuuuuuhhh! I died again…”

–Remmi, after dying a second (and final) time! 16:08