This is the 28th episode of Minecraft Dad. It also the first video to show the new family server.


The video starts with Paul introducing his new family server. While Jumbo explores his cave (seen in the verson this episode on his youtube channel.) While Remmi gets attacked off screen. Paul walks around and discovers Alfred's Tomb stone. Paul then takes a look at Jumbo's multi colored house before making plans on his home. He then also says there will no cheating on this server. Meanwhile Jumbo finds him self a new dog/wolf. Paul then starts his First Night Routine and says Jumbo should name his dog Bob. He then starts to find a place to build his new home and Jumbo explanes that Alfred was killed while protecting Jumbo from Skelletons. Paul continues to look around for a place to like. Jumbo introduce Bob to Paul, he says he has pork to give him but instead hits him with an egg which makes Bob attack him and Paul gets killed. When Paul returns to his death point he starts to make some tools and dig out some stone and tell them about how many wolfs he has seen in one off his videos. After that he goes and explores the desart and see's some clay and talks about that play station network is still down and Jumbo can't play any Black Ops. Meanwhile Jumbo is still killing Animals with Bob. As it stars to get dark Remmi ask Paul how to make fences and he goes to find out. But instead goes back to the town while Jumbo threatens Remmi that Bob will kill her unless she leaves his house. Paul and Remmi descied to stay at Zin's house since they don't have a house. When it became day Paul continued exploring while Jumbo and Remmi say how cute Bob was. Also Jumbo try's to sell some Herbs to Paul and Remmi. During his exploring he check out Remmi's underground house that she is building. Jumbo also finds some strange dirt towers and nobody has seemed have built any (It may have been Herobrine since he was still around back then.) Paul then decides where to build his cozy cottage and starts singing the diggy diggy hole song from the Yogscast. Jumbo continues to try and sell some herbs while Paul start's work on the basement of his cozy cottage. Jumbo then starts to try and get people hit him so Bob will kill them. Paul starts laying out his flooring and Remmi still wants to know how to make a fence. Paul says that he want install bukkit to server and Paul and Jumbo argue about the currancey if it should be Paper or Gold. The video ends with Remmi suggesting that they should trade instead.

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Minecraft Dad Does your dog bite? (Part 1)

Minecraft Dad Does your dog bite? (Part 1)