Map seed


In this series Paul shows off some cool map seeds. This seeds can contain anything that is cool, or just plain interesting. In these videos Paul shows off some of the features while not giving away too much as to not spoil the explorations of the player.

List of episodes

Minecraft Map Seed - Stronghold with End Gate!

Minecraft 1.2 Map Seed - Two Villages, Jungle, Dungeon, Ravine!

Minecraft 1.2 Map Seed - Survival Island with MASSIVE CAVERN!

Minecraft Map Seed - Huge Mushroom Biome!

Minecraft Map Seed - Castaway on Punchwood Island! (SURVIVAL)

Minecrafr Map Seed – Emerald Ore! (Snapshot 12W21B)

Minecraft Map Seed - Villages, Ravines, Temples, Jungle Ruins!

Minecraft Map Seed - Dormant Volcanoes (and Ruins, Ravines, Mine Shafts)

Minecraft Map Seed - Waterfall Caverns! (Amazing Caves and Ravine!)

Minecraft 1.4 Map Seed - Witch Hunt (Save the Villagers!)

Minecraft Map Seed - Extreme Emeralds (Scavenger Hunt Challenge!)

Minecraft - Dwarf Fortress Map Seed, Nobbie's Medieval Pack, Mindcrack, 1.4 Survival

Minecraft Map Seed - Hidden Books of Magic (and Channel Update)