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Minecraft Snapshots

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December 13, 2012

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“Test drive of Minecraft Weekly Snapshot 12w49a and 12w50a, including fireworks (with sound), enchanted books and Thorns enchantment!”

Paul takes a look at Minecraft snapshots 12w50a and 12w49a. In this video he shows off some of the features of the latest snapshots.

Video summaryEdit

Minecraft Snapshot 12w50a (THORNS! FIREWORKS with SOUND!)

Minecraft Snapshot 12w50a (THORNS! FIREWORKS with SOUND!)

This video starts off with Paul lighting off fireworks beside a zombie, trying to impress it. Then he fades in starting the video of properly on the Minecraft main screen. He spawns into his testing grounds and begins explaining that he’s doing two snapshots in the video. He starts off with a 12w49a feature, which is placing buttons and levers on intractable objects. He demonstrates how to do so before carrying on with the test drive. He then moves on to how us two features at once, the new “thorns” enchantment and the enchantment books feature. He shows us that all the enchantment books are accessible in creative mode. He then proceeds to enchant a few books and shows us how they are used. He also explains the “thorns” enchantments, which deals passive melee damage. He goes over to the nearby village and shows us that you can trade with villagers for these books. He then cuts to back to the testing grounds and explains that the books are obtainable in chests. He then moves on the highlight, fireworks. He shows us how to craft a basic firework and then goes through the firework star modifications. He then shows us how to craft a more “advanced” firework and crafts a few more. He turns the time to night and puts on a whole fireworks display, and wonders what would happen if you put a firework under skeleton. After experimenting with that, he shows off the “thorns” enchantment. After picking a fight with some zombies, he ends the video in a fury of fireworks.

Memorable quotesEdit

What do you think of that buddy?... Not impressed.”


“Today is December 13 2012, in this universe anyway.”


“There was fireworks, without sound. So I avoided it because, what the heck? Fireworks without sound, that’s like peanut butter and jelly without peanut butter.”


One, Two, Three, Four, Five... and I can count. Good thing, because I wasn’t sure”


“And this is what we used to do as kids. I don’t know if you ever did this with bottle rockets and remember Roman candles? And we would just hold them in our hands and shoot ‘em. Shhh My mom watches my videos, that’s probably not a good idea.”


“Oh wait, I’m supposed to do this...Ohhhhh...Ahhhh...awww... Don’t you just hate that?”


“Hit me!....Harder!”


“Your mother smelled of elderberries. No wait, your father smelled of elderberries, and your mother was a hamster.”

-Paulsoaresjr trying to quote Monty Python and the Holy Grail