This tutorial covers the basics of Nether Quartz, a material mined from Nether Quartz Ore (found obviously in the
Minecraft Tutorials - E76 Nether Quartz (Survive and Thrive Season 5)

Minecraft Tutorials - E76 Nether Quartz (Survive and Thrive Season 5)

Nether) and how it can be made into blocks, columns, and chiseled quartz.


With the new 1.5 redstone update and a ton of new features released, Paul decides to begin the first episode of a new tutorial season by teaching viewers all about Nether Quartz, a new ore / item introduced to the Nether before actually tallking about all the new redstone related features (Siberia is seprate videos). After explaining the basic concepts of Nether Quartz (it's found in the nether, gives a lot of experience, only one per ore, can be crafted into blocks, etc.) Paul goes back to the Beacon Shrine to upgrade it. However, he ran out of quartz and had to wait until the next episode to finish it.

Nether Quartz InfoEdit

  • Spawns only in the Nether
  • Chunks contain an average of 70 nether quartz per ore
  • Ore drops high amounts of experiece
  • Only one item per ore (standard, unenchanted pick)
  • Used to craft blocks of quartz (decoration / building only)
  • Blocks of quartz can be used to craft stairs, slabs, columns (two quartz blocks placed horizontal), and chisled quartz (two quartz slabs placed horizontally)

Important NotesEdit

  • Use a fortune-enchanted pick to mine the quartz, for they only drop one item for every ore.
  • Be wary of falling into lava...
  • Older worlds (such as Paul's) may not support the new ore. Therefore, it's recommended that the player delete their current Nether (view a tutorial before doing so) in order to properly enjoy the new feature.
  • According to Paul, the quartz seems more common when searching in the open rather than branch or strip mining.