Nancy Baker




John Baker [Father]
Marie Vésselberg [Mother]

Romantic Interests:

Ferdinand, King Punchwood (formerly)

First Appearance:

Tale of Kingdoms S1 E41

Last Appearance:


Closest Friends:

King Punchwood, Ferdinand, Barracks Keeper, Dorf.


Elodié Vest-Baker [Half-Sister]

Nancy Baker is the baker and Food Stall Owner in Tale of Kingdoms.

Nancy first appeared in Season 1, Episode 41 of Tale of Kingdoms as King Punchwood opens a food stall in his kingdom. Punchwood ate some of Nancy's cake and met Nancy within the shop. Punchwood said that her second floor was haunted and had a medevial-touch. Nancy bakes cakes for a living and sells them to the inhabitants of Punchwood Kingdom (the Barracks Keeper is particularly fond of them.) 

Punchwood said that he could purchase food from her stall instead of crafting/collecting food.


Before Birth:

Before Birth of Nancy, her parents John and Marie had a different origin. John N. Baker originated from the Guild Master's kingdom where he was born to his parents Oakvak and Diane(Nancy's grandparents) in the Guild before Sir Punchwood Arrived. The family is said that the Guild Master is siblings with John Baker's father, therfore the Guild Master is Nancy's Great Uncle. John Baker met a peasant villager named Gwen, whom he married and he had a daughter named Elodié. Gwen passed away a few days after, leaving a heart-broken John with his daughter Elodié, he met a foreign villager called Marie Vésselberg, whomed he married and had a daughter named Nancy Baker. That was John's side however, as for Marie's side of the family, Marie originated from a town in a far away place from Sawwood Kingdom from a town called Sassaborg in a far place of Minecraftia. Marie's family came from Sassaborg, not much is known except she came to Sawwood for a new language and met John. Early Years:

Nancy H. Baker is the only child of John and Marie Baker (née Vesselberg). She grew up in the Guild, where her family ran the local bakery business. Her first love interest was that of the dashing, young and handsome Sir Punchwood, who was only a few years older than her. As Punchwood grew up in his 'castle' across the river, she would watch him while baking cakes. Nancy would dream of one day becoming friends with Punchwood.

However, when Nancy was only 18 years old, her mother fell ill from a scorpion bite while out picked sugar cane. While watching over her dying mother in the Infirmary, Nancy witnessed Sir Punchwood retrieving his loyal servant, Squire Beans, who had had an accident in a cavern, from his own sick-bed. Her mother, Marie, died 2 days later at the age of 52. 

At the Guild:

From then on, Nancy wanted more than anything to meet (and marry) Sir Punchwood. Over the next two years, she continued to run the bakery business with her father, John, who was suffering from a crippling depression after the death of his wife. When Nancy was 21, she watched the newly crowned King Punchwood depart with the City Builder and his squire to find land for his new kingdom. She was extremely sad and thought she would never see her hero again. 

A further 3 years later, Nancy's hopes were lifted by the arrival of a messenger in the Guild from the City Builder, requesting the services of a baker. The message explained that the City Builder had been asked to construct a new bakery in the kingdom and an expert was required. Nancy jumped at the chance and agreed to travel to Punchwood's kingdom. However, her father would not leave his beloved home at the Guild and told her she should go on her own and start her life afresh. John Baker died 6 years later in the Great Turtle Invasion, aged 70.

In Punchwood's Kingdom:

Nancy travelled to King Punchwood's kingdom and settled down as a baker in her new shop and was thrilled when the king himself made a special welcoming visit. Despite her obsession with him in earlier life, 

King Punchwood meets Nancy.

the King was beginning to show signs of aging and Nancy had loved him as a friend, rather than a fiancée! She settled into her new job perfectly and served the King on a regular basis. The only mistake she made in her entire career as the King's baker was asking Benny to deliver a special chocolate gateau for the King on his birthday...

After dropping her last love interest, 2 years after her arrival, she met the handsome knight, Ferdinand. It was love at first sight, but Ferdinand, knowing his duty to the King, agreed to guard the front gate of the kingdom every day. During the evenings, he would sneak up to the battlement with Nancy and they would watch the sun set on the sea, eating chocolate cupcakes. Nancy is currently 31 years old.

Much later, Ferdinand reported to the King he had found a chest under Nancy's counter, and inside were the ingredients  and equipment to poison and weakness potions and slightly used flint and steel. Punchwood realises then that Nancy may be a witch and was behind the suspicious damages around the city. However, by this point, the series was almost over. and Nancy's witchy alias has yet to be confirmed....


  • In the final episode, Paul had planned for Nancy to blow up his party, but decided it wouldn't be a suitable ending.