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List of "Episodes"

Minecraft - Tour of paulsoaresjr's Tutorial Map (download it!)

Minecraft TV Series Vlog - Man vs Minecraft or I Am Legend

Paul's Minecraft Vlog 02 - November 25th, 2010

Special announcement - Weekend of Minecraft Livestream event

Live Streaming Tonight at 10PM EST for Weekend of Minecraft!

Ace of Spades Tutorial - How to Install the Game and Connect to a Server

Paul's Vlog - Minecraft, Indie Games, 100K Subscribers (Livestream!)

Announcement: Lag Late Night Podcast Tomorrow!

Minecraft: Free Demo Quick Start Guide (Windows PC Download Only)

Public server announcement! May 16, 2011

One Year Anniversary of my First Minecraft Tutorial! (Thank you!)

Ruffled: Feathers Rising (Indie Test Drive with Dev Interview)

Announcement - QubeTubers IndieWeekend Livestream Event!

Minecraft: Luclin's Livestream with Slyfox, Chimney and more!

PSA: Post-Hurricane Status, Minecraft Tutorial (Slime Farm) on the Way!

300th Video Special! (New Minecraft server, 1.8 update, MineCon)

ALERT! Facebook Fraud

News Log! Shaft Podcast, New Tutorials, Man vs Minecraft S2 Finale and more!

Vlog: See me on The Shaft Podcast TODAY!

Minecraft - Quandary Texture Pack (Install Tutorial & Tour) Premium Account Giveaway!

News! The Shaft Pre-Minecon Live Event! Skyrim! 400 Videos!

Space Marine Teaser

Minecraft Happy Thanksgiving!

My Friend Luclin's 100K Livestream (Streaming NOW!

PlayClaw - Free Video Capture Software (Today only!)

Who to Watch: Luclin of Minecraft Family Adventures!

Minecraft - Marvin the Martian by UnknownDemon

Free Realms - The Music Has Me! (Freemium MMORPG)

D&D Red Box Starter Set Unboxing (Dungeons and Dragons)

GIFT Map by Vechs based on Novel by Andrea Buchanan (Minecraft)

700th Video "Thank You!" Tour and ANNOUNCEMENT!

Battlefield 3 Co-op with JumboMuffin (1080 HD)

MCD Server E01 - First Night with Round 1

MCD Server Whitelist Application - ROUND 2 (WATCH THE ENTIRE VIDEO!)

Minecrat “Zombie Siege” map (with LuclinMCWB and Wolv21)

StarForge Alpha .100 "Quick Look" (Sci-fi Sandbox Shooter/Builder)

MCD Server E02 - Birthday Bonanza

Paulsoaresjr Tough Mudder 2012 Mt. Snow VT (10+ Miles 25 Obstacles, Lots of Mud!)

Meetup 2012 in Texas with Luclin and Wolv21

Meetup 2012 - Vlog 01 from Texas with Luclin & Family, Wolv21, Nearbygamer

Meetup 2012 - Vlog 02 from Texas with Luclin & Family, Wolv21, Nearbygamer

Planetside 2 Beta 01 "Quick Look" (Game-Play Commentary)

IndieFort Championship (Indie Game Bundle #3)

1000th Video Special! "A Minecraft Montage" by Paulsoaresjr

Minecraft "Anniversary Gazebo" with MinecraftMom

Building the Minecraft Anniversary Gazebo (with MomCAM)

Minecraft Ghostcraft (Multiplayer Arena / Team vs Ghost)

War Z Alpha Guest Code Winners! (Multiplayer Zombie Survival)

Planetside 2 - Last day for Alpha Squad package! (Beta ends tonight!)

Don't Starve - FREE Steam Codes Giveaway!

1337th Video! "Old Tutorial World Tour"

My Birthday Party Favors! New FAN Servers!