In this subscribers special, Paul is in his Tower of Power and explains about a new idea that's come to his mind.

This video was deleted from youtube..

Paul tells us that he has a new project in mind ( Apple Orchard Tree Farm). He also tells us about the Future Survive and Thrive. He realises how much everyone likes it and is going to do more work on it. He said he was planing  to combine Paul Plays Minecraft and Survive and thrive in a way, because it's difficult to keep up with all his worlds. He then asked for his fan's opinion on change. (On a side note, he did not make the changes as he liked the idea of playing a separate world for Paul Plays Minecraft) He also stated that he was going to extend the rails leading to his farm so it will go all the way to the jungle and even the NPC Village so he can do more trading. He also discussed using more redstone. Paul is going to be working with redstone, particularly because of the new update, and his better understanding of it.  Finally, he stated that he was going to be preparing because he was planning on fighting one of the two bosses of Minecraft (Wither). He'll be using a beacon and hopes to fight the Ender Dragon so he can put the Dragon egg on display in the Tower of Power.

As of March 9 2014, Paul stated in a Punchwood topic that he may make a new series based on Survive and Thrive and Paul Plays Minecraft, which is very similar to this.