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Paul Soares Sr





First Appearance:

Minecraft: How to Survive your First Night

Last Appearance:

The Mist (2018-




The Spy Chickens
Benjamin (The Escapists)


Wilson (Man vs. Minecraft)
Bella (Real Life)
Sam, Sammy, Yipper, Tang, Tang II, Dusk, Dusk jr, Scratchy (Survive and Thrive)
Cornelius and Cuzco, Cuzco Jr and Cuzco III (Paul Plays Minecraft)
Farley, Bill, Ted (LotR)


Minecraft Dad Server
Cozy Cottage
Guild (former)
Castle Punchwood
Punchwood Island
Tutorial World
Various prisons (The Escapists)
New England


Pablo Punchwood (MvM, The Escapists) Sir/ King Punchwood (ToK)

Paul (MWM/Punchwood Island)

Mr Soares (Survive and Thrive E62)


For information on Paul's Channel, see Paulsoaresjr (channel)

Paul Soares Jr, (also known as paulsoaresjr, PSJR, or simply Paul) was the first person on YouTube to make Minecraft tutorial videos with his first video, How to Survive Your First Night, on July 29 2010. Since then he has made many other videos and series: How to Survive and ThriveMan vs. MinecraftMan, Woman, MinecraftMinecraft DadPunchwood Island Family SurvivalPaul Plays Minecraft, some Complete the Monument Maps and many ther non-Minecraft videos. He is the husband of MinecraftMom, the father of three children: JumboMuffin, Remmi and ChiefChirpa, a business owner and a gamer.

Paul's channel icon

Minecraft Tutorials - Survive and ThriveEdit

How to Survive and Thrive was the first series Paul ever made on Youtube. Beginning on July 29 2010, Paul generated a world in Minecraft Alpha and showed the viewers 'How to Survive the First Night'. In the year he made that series consisting of 38 episodes, plus a retirement tour of his world, which shows both new and experienced players how to survive in Minecraft Alpha and Beta. Paul began this series in a small hole in the wall, which he dubbed "hidey-hole", and that would be where he would survive his first few days. He then evolved to building a lookout tower made from wood and cobblestone, before explaining farming, underground exploration, the Nether, brewing potions, enchanting, Portable Instant Mushroom Shelters, as well as much more. The next three seasons of Survive and Thrive follows in the original's footsteps, but includes more episodes, as there are more new features to discuss.

List of Known deaths in MinecraftEdit

Survive and Thrive:

-Season I - Pushed into lava by a zombie, used this to demonstrate death and respawning

Man vs Minecraft:

-Died intentionally to add drama multiple times, not shown on camera

Minecraft Dad:

-Died many times. Most are prank by JumboMuffin. and sometimes he is killed by ChiefChirpa.He also was blown up by a skeleton in episode 122!

Survival Games:

-Killed by AntVenom during the final battle, with help from Game Makers.

-Killed again by AntVenom, who had a Fire Aspect sword

MineZ: -Accidently slain by TheSeventh5tun when he was trying to kill 2 zombies.

-Slain by a zombie behind his back. Later slain by zombie in a ruined cabin.

Waking Up:

-In "Inventory Wipe Horror Festival", a creeper blew up the stair Paul was standing on and he 'hit the ground too hard'.

Waterfall Caverns:

-Slain by Wither Skeleton (surprise attack).

Mindcrack SMP:

-A ghast blew him from a high place. This became a popular topic for everyone else to talk about (They had no idea what the message 'blown from a high place meant).

-Shot by a skeleton then blown up by a creeper on the Season 4 server's debut

-Killed by Bub, losing all of his gear

-Fell from the giant pyramid two times after a prank by AnderZEL

Mindcrack UHC: 

-Season 9 - Slain by the Ender Dragon

-Season 10 - Slain by Pyro while fighting team PIMP

-Season 13 - Slain by AnderZEL after team OP's attack on NO!

Punchwood Island Family Survival:

-slain by an angry Zombie Pigman as he was trying to save ChiefChirpa

Attack of the B Team:

Many, usually from glitches or defective Glis Co. Dinosaurs.

(Add the specific episodes here)

-Slain by Chimneyswift while using inventory in secret house

-Died in a fish morph when out of water to long. It also said Paul drowned to death when he died

Revenge of the C-team:

-Killed by a assassin robot!

-Killed by Herobrine!

1.9 - 1.10 survival




  • His wife has a brother named Michael, Minecraft Dad E108 (Mentioned by Paul).
  • He has a sister whose name is unknown, but she was dubbed by Paul, the smartest person in the school. (Mentioned in Paul Plays Minecraft and Mindcrack SMP)
  • He is a very outstanding actor during RPs such as Tale of Kingdoms, Man vs Minecraft and Legend of Hoodie
  • He isn't very good at keeping his cats alive. He let Tang drown under the dock shortly after taming her, he shot Dusk with a powered arrow in an NPC village (Both in Tutorials S&T) and Scratchy was blown up by a creeper in Soaring No Longer. He also lost Blaze, Endercat and Merry to lava in Adventure 1.2, Cuzco in Paul Plays Minecraft drowned, and asdfghjkl Jr was shot by a skeleton with an enchanted bow. In Mindcrack SMP, another cat called Blaze got stuck under a tree in water and drowned. In Tale of Kingdoms he lost Sir Mouser by letting a house fall upon him while his replacement cat (technically a panther) for Sir Mouser ate his citizens and city guards.
  • He is very good at keeping his dogs alive. Wilson (MvM) has faced creepers, skeletons, zombies and more and hasn't died yet.
  • In Tale of Kingdoms, he had four goats that had all the same name, Munch, because he continued to lose his current goat.
  • He now has a mature gaming channel, named PaulieOnTap, where he uses most notably for 7 Days to Die.
  • He and his family often donate blood.
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