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Paulsoaresjr is Paul Soares Jr's YouTube channel. It is the channel where he uploads most of his Minecraft shows, such as his Minecraft Dad, Punchwood Island Family Survival, Minecraft Survive and Thrive, and Man vs. Minecraft.

All the shows (with the exception of Skyrim, and 7 Days to Die) are rated at the most E10+, and most of them are rated E7+. In his words, Paulsoaresjr is "family friendly Minecraft and other game-play!"

For more "mature" gameplay, most notably 7 Days to Die, Paul used his second channel, called PaulieOnTap. However, this second channel was abandoned, because PSJ found that it was too much work to maintain two channels, so more recent mature series, such as Fallout 4, are on the main channel.

Broadcast ScheduleEdit

Generally, between one and three new gaming videos will be published every day (except on certain holidays), either during PSJR's lunch break (12PM Eastern Time) or in the evening (6-7PM Eastern):

Lunch BreakEdit

Generally, Paul Soares Jr will record one of his "easier" series during this time slot. Since about October, the series that Paul most often records at this time is The Escapists. Some days go by when no videos are published over lunch break.


Most of PSJR's harder series, such as Rimworld, Salt, his various Minecraft Role-Plays, and 7 Days to Die (on his mature channel) are recorded in the evening, because Paul has more time on his hands during this time. There will almost always be at least one video posted on the channel in this timeslot, and sometimes as many as three.

Channel StatisticsEdit

As of November 29, 2015, Paul's Channel has accumulated the following number of views and subscribers:

  • 400 million views
  • 1.3 million subscribers
  • 2'590 videos
  • Approximately 695 hours of videos


  • Considering that the average length of Paul Soares Jr's videos is about 20 minutes, and that he's made over 2'000 of them, it would take you over a month (36 days, to be exact) to watch them all, assuming you watched his videos back-to-back 24/7.
  • Paul Soares Jr makes, on average, about 1.5 videos per day on this channel.