Minecraft Tale of Kingdoms "Post-Mortem Tour" (Silly Role-play)

Minecraft Tale of Kingdoms "Post-Mortem Tour" (Silly Role-play)

With episode the end of Episode 67: Peace and Prosperity, Paul's Tale of Kingdoms series has finally come to an end, leaving thousands of viewers crying and begging Paul either to continue anywas and for him or to move on. However, either way, Paul promised to do a most-mortem tour after the official end of his series, and here it is!

Plot / Stuff Paul Talks AboutEdit

The video begins as usual, with King Punchwood standing in town crossing his diamond sword over his chest. However, as he begins his kingly intro, he stops. Remembering that he's no longer King Punchwood, Paul stops the intro, and simply does his normal Paul intro. With that done, he begins a slow, woeful tour of what was once his fine, mighty kingdom and talks about some of the things he's done over the series. 

First, the role-play. Though Paul planned on doing role-play from the beginning, he wasn't really good at it; in the first epidoes, he mainly went about in a normal minecraft style, talking about whatever was on his mind and only occasionally tossing in the knight / king voice. However, as the series progressed, his role-play slowly became better, enabling the mod to seem more alive (though many new viewers thought his behavior was peculiar).

Speaking of more alive, as the series progressed, things indeed did become more alive. In the beginning, everything was quite mundane: animals were animals, NPCs were NPCs, and so on and so forth. However, after he got his first pet and Beans, things started to change. Instead of simply calling all his kingdom inhabitants by their technical terms, he started giving each individual names (e.g. Ferdinand the Paladin, Nancy Baker, Archie Archer, Tony the Tavern Keeper, Benny the Dunce, etc). As it continued to go on, he even began to name the buildings (this was actually more of a memory issue) and naming individual areas (swamp of sorrows).

Now, prior to the post Mortem, a lot of people constantly questioned the purpose of Benny. Despite the ever-increasing demands to kill him, Paul knew that was never going to happen; he had done some reading, and learned that the workers were indestructible. Also, Benny himself was quite amusing, and quickly evolved into a side-plot of the main story. Though he truly was annoying, he was also quite unpredictabile, and gave Paul and the viewers a lot of laughs. Ultimantely, he proved better than his idiotic behavior made him look when he managed to save Foxxy the Priestess from a pack of gators.

A lot of the series was improvised: Paul rarely planned a specific event. Instead, he just went with the flow. The best example of this would be Nancy's burned-down bakery: though Paul never knew what actually caused the fire (though it's assumed to either be a lightning strike, an ogre, a fire-ogre, or Hoody on another suicidical rampage), Paul did what he could, eventually concocting the story that Nancy was a witch plotting to poison the king. other examples include Ferdinand and Nancy's love (the Paladin always wound up near Nancy's bakery), Sir Mouser "rising" from his grave (after Mouser apparently died, Paul gave him a funeral service only for an actual ghost to spawn near the gravesite), Benny getting sent to the hospital (in technical terms, he would have permanently died), and many more.

As for the future mod, Paul never gave a specific name. However, he implied it would also be a role-play series, and Nancy the Baker would have to do something with it. Later, in Paul's Legend of Notch: Reincarnation test drive, the follow-up series is assumed to be Legend of Hoodie.