Pu the Panther is the new mouser of King Punchwood's kingdom in Tale of Kingdoms.

Tale of Kingdoms S2

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Pu was found and tamed by King Punchwood in episode 52. Paul's idea was to knight him the new Sir Mouser and to task him the the job of ridding Kingdom Punchwood of the filthy rodents in place of the original (and evil) Sir Mouser. However, Pu proved himself even more evil than Mouser: The first thing he did when he entered the infested kingdom was rid the kingdom of the villagers, Beans and Foxxy, sending Beans to the infirmary once again, and Foxxy back to the church. Punchwood, angered by his huge bill of 3500 to get them both back, escorted Pu outside and left him there until the end of the series. Benny is now taking care of him and Pu waits for him outside Tower Punchwood for his new caretaker as he watches his ex-master and his mini-army leave and enter the kingdom all they want. What could Benny be planning, having taken responsibilty of such a savage?


  • During the party at the end of the series, Pu was fenced in a small area, eating Benny.