Punchwoof was Paul's pet wolf in the series Punchwood Island Famliy Survival, which he found and tamed in episode three. When he and the family went on the Mineshaft Exploration Adventure, Paul sat Punchwoof down in a room full of obsidian, and left him there. In E18 Paul, Chief and Jumbo  went to retrieve him, with the video ending with no luck. Paul found him in the next episode, but accidentally sat him down and didn't bring him back to the surface. 

Punchwood IslandEdit

Punchwoof was found and tamed by paulsoaresjr early in the series of Punchwood Island Family Survival (somewhere in the forest of the island). He never got much action, and was declared 'buggy' by Paul. He was sitting in the obsidian room during a Mineshaft Exploration Adventure, and was soon refound, but left again in a safe spot.


There are two possible thoeries to his disappearance:

1). He despawned after being isolated for too long

2). He went feral, and fell in lava

3). When ChiefChirpa attacked Punchwoof, he became hostile, and as a result, despawned when everyone got too far away.

The family left him some presents for Christmas, which were never opened, but may remain as a memorial to him.