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Paul Soares Jr (father)
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None, but sometimes argues with Paulsoaresjr (occasionally making him fall to his death)

Remmi is Paul's Daughter. In the first episode of Minecraft Dad, where she made her first appearance, Paul said that the username "Remmi" was his old account. Paul doesn't allow his children to give away their real names. However, MinecraftMom, JumboMuffin, and ChiefChirpa have called her by her real name numerous times. In their old family Minecraft server she was the owner of the Food Store which Paul often called "The Boof Store". In most episodes of Minecraft Dad she would often push him off cliffs or high places, causing him to die or lose lots of health (that's according to Paul but most viewers agree with him). She has also appeared in other series', such as Punchwood Island and Gift

Minecraft DadEdit

Remmi made her first appearance in the first episode of Minecraft Dad, where she, as was Lofar, was a Steve. She was in her house, destroying furniture, with a comment from Paul: 'Omg, my daughter's a griefer! How could it come to this?' And then destroying the Nether Portal entrance to her house, which didn't keep the monsters out enough. 

She then did a tour of the family server, recording on Paul's account from her perspective. After that, she has done other tours, Custom Maps with Paul, the recording of Paul's 'Birthday Surprise', a Mother's day special, as well as many other episodes of the series. 


Remmi made an appearance in Gift, a Complete The Monument map by Vechs, along with her friends Ditzon and whatthecrap, as well as her father. The series stopped after the eleventh episode.

Punchwood Island Family SurvivalEdit

  • Remmi, MinecraftMomChiefChirpaJumboMuffin and paulsoaresjr crashed on Punchwood Island .  In the new Minecraft Dad, Remmi  ' and her family survive on the island, build great structures, and 'go get destroyed by''   Zombie Pigmen in the Nether! Here, she owns the family "'Boof" Store (food, but on the old MCD server Paul called it the "Boof" store, as it looked like that from behind, and it has become a running joke.)


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