Samantha Dog (n'ee Wolf)




Wolf Family


Sam Dog


Yipper Dog

First Appearance:

Survive and Thrive S2 E20

Last Appearance:

No information

Fur Colo(u)r:

Silver (Survive and Thrive)


Survive and Thrive (Paulsoaresjr)


Yang Cat (formerly)
Tang Cat
Dusk Cat

Sammy "SamSam" Dog is a minecraft wolf dog in Paulsoaresjr's Minecraft Survive and Thrive Series. Paul tamed her in an episode and she is currently living in Cozy Cottage with Paul and Sam Dog whom she breeded with and had Little Yipper Doggy.


Samantha "Sammy/SamSam" Dog (n'ee Wolf) is a wolf who lives with a family of wolves in minecraft. She encountered Paul and became a pet. Sammy met a dog, Sam Dog and they had a baby puppy called Yipper Dog. She has silver fur with a red sparkly collor. Her residence is with the dogs and cats with Paul in Cozy Cottage.


  • Even though she is a wolf she has the surname Dog, this is because she is a wolf but became dog when she married or bred with Sam Dog.
  • Wolfs like her have silver fur wheeras, dogs like Sam and Yipper have white fur.
  • Her parents are wolfs and her mother was almost tamed but didn't have enough bones.