Celebrating the 666th episode of the amazing Minecraft Tutorials, Paul starts up his episode ready to give us a tour around his tutorial world. But then....

Tutorial World NightmareEdit

Hello, and welcome to my Minecraft Tutorial, this is episode number six-six-six in my How to Survive and Thrive  Series. And in today's episode- what is that?

The InvasionEdit

Paul, who had been resting in his Hidey-Hole from episode one for the first time in almost a year, and as he began episode 666 of Minecraft Tutorials, he turned on the free camera at the beginning of the episode and found that behind him was a glowstone wall with signs, reading:

You have indeed survived. You have indeed thrived. But now the tides have turned for the worse...

The creeper forces have come. They have taken over the world that once belonged to you. Only by finding the wool can you take your world back.

Alarmed by this message, Paul makes a run for the door, only to find the area overrun with skeletons. If that wasn't bad enough, a zombie decided to come a-knock'n, and in the process breaking the door down. Paul quickly replaced the door, and backed away. Nowhere else to go, Paul made a dash for his mining system he used to gather cobblestone in  an early episode. He had a run-in with a dangerous trap halfway down and had to use great skill to overcome it.

Home Sweet.... Home?Edit

When he reached the bottom, Paul saw the mining stair had been expanded into a full mine, also overrun with monsters. He used this advantage to gather coal as he will need it as an essential if he were to survive. He then went outside through the front door, fighting past the mobs to see the sky had been competely covered up. It was so dark, monsters could spawn anywhere. Paul decided best to hurry home and do nothing more. But not even home is safe. He made it back to Cozy Cottage to see a hungry Scratchy sitting on the table. However, everyone else was gone. He went inside to get food for her, and was instantly struck with a zombie invasion. He fought past them and destroyed their spawner. When he went back out to feed his cat, however, Scratchy had disappeared like she wasn't even there at all. He then went into his basement and saw her being attacked by skeletons whom were arguing over who got to eat her. Things went out of hand when they started shooting each other, and Paul took this advantage to get Scratchy out. Heading back up to the main floor to gather his stuff and prepare for what lay ahead.