The Victory Monument.... Find the Victory Monument.....

You Can Call Me AlEdit

Continuing from episode 1, Paul heads back down into the basement to find a villager named Al trapped in an alcove. He was trying to tell him something.

Be careful where you dig. The creepers have sent small bug-like probes that can blend into stone and cobblestone.

As gratitude for the message, Paul released Al by breaking the glass that sealed him. Al then walked around the basement like he owned the place, and Paul noticed a strange tunnel that went through under the water. He ran through it and saw another room to his left. He went in and found a large statue known as the Victory Monument. He saw a zombie to his right, but it wasn't interested in him. It was interested in the villager hiding behing a glass alcove. Paul got rid of it and released the villager, who was also named Al. He then told him about this place.

This is where you must place the 6 wool to defeat the Creepers. 5 can be found in strongholds and dungeons formed by the Creepers. Where could the brown wool be? (It didn't take long for the viewers to work this one out.)

He then showed Paul around the Victory Monument, or as it's called this time, the Soares Monument. He gave him three chests to help him complete this heavy task. First was the 'Light it up' toolkit, then the 'INSTANT DAWG' and finally, the Knockbaxe. The first gave him full stacks of torches and glowstone, and six signs. The second offered a wolf spawn egg and six bones. The last one was an iron axe heavily enchanted to Knockback II and Unbreaking VII. As he took it out, Al 1 decided to join the party.

Goodbye AlEdit

As Paul, Scratchy and Als leave the room, Paul notices a wall of iron ore in the corner. Though feeling extremely uncomfortable about it, he mined it out. As soon as he mined out the second layer, he was instantly shot with an arrow. Al 1 wanted to help but Paul recommended holding his ground. Scratchy had the same idea though and walked right in. Paul the knew he had to get rid of the skeletons and their spawners fast. He did so, being very careful not set off the TNT. After finishing them off, he went in to see Scratchy sitting on TNT. He opened the chest only to get a STICK! He then got so angry and punched the TNT. Realising his mistake, he ran for cover as the TNT exploded. When he went back, however, he found a nice cavern. Al obviously liked it too, as he jumped right down. Unfortunetly, there was a zombie waiting for him. It punched Al several times before Al managed to run. Paul tried to save him by shooting the zombie with his bow, but he missed the final attack and it chased Al into the cavern. Down to one Al, Paul sealed off the cavern in case the other one made a jump. Thinking about Al 1, Paul made his way down the tunnel and back to Cozy Cottage, where he used the spawn egg to bring back one of his dogs. He then realises why they ran away; they were no longer tamed. He tamed this wolf again and went down the tunnel to see where it brought him.