Soaring No Longer E03 "Beware of Creepers" (Hardcore CTM)

Soaring No Longer E03 "Beware of Creepers" (Hardcore CTM)

Mushrooms, mushrooms, something at the mushrooms.

The Creepers' CaveEdit

The Siege and the MineEdit

Paul, Sammy and Scratchy reach the end of the tunnel and find themselves back at Mushroom Village. They are then sieged by the creeper army along with friends. Because Scratchy is a cat and creepers are afraid of cats, all the creepers couldn't get near Paul, who managed to shoot them. The Skeletons proved difficult though, but Sammy was a great help. Winning the siege, the trio head down a passage leading to The Mines of Old. Fearing he might lose Sammy, he leaves her outside as he and Scratchy explore the ancient mine in search of the wool. He and Scratchy fight off the Creepers and release yet another Al. He gave the following advice:

This dungeon is pretty hard. I would be sure to have all iron gear before going in. Be careful when mining, there may be many traps.

Paul released Al 3 and went continued down with caution.


On his way down, Paul found an infinite refill station containing a mooshroom. There was another villager telling him about it.

You can use a mooshroom as an infinite food source. Just click on it with a bowl to get mushroom stew.

Interested in an infinite food source, Paul opens the chest and got a bowl and two mooshroom spawn eggs. He then uses the bowl to get stew from the cow. He releases Al 4 and continues down the hole. He notices a little room at the bottom and decides best to go there. Unfortunetly, halfway through, the game crashed, and opening it again, he gets a double explosion from two creepers and, presumably, killing Scratchy. Al is still alive, however he's stuck on a tree trunk. Paul decides to take shelter first and wait for the horde of monsters to settle.