Squire "Henry" Beans


Sarah Beans

Shows Appeared In:

Tale of Kingdoms


City Builder (etc).


The Guild

Squire Beans is the trusted Squire of King Punchwood. He wields both the sword and the bow. He also has a bad habit of taking arrows to his knees and winding up in the infirmary, raising huge medical bills and wandering off.

Early Life

Beans was a nameless hunter in the service of the guild. He was just a normal hunter, hired and fired, and serving the guild with his life. This changed when King Punchwood, then a knight in the guild hired him. The king-to-be hired him for his bow skills, made him a squire and gave him his first name: Beans. Beans was christened due to his farting (actually a deer from the Mo' creatures pack) on first meeting Sir Punchwood.

Life with King Punchwood

Beans lives with King Punchwood and guards him with his life. Though Beans was hired for his bow skills he soon proved himself as a mighty swordsman.


Later on, King Punchwood had discovered a massive hole in the ground. When walking on the edge though, Beans accidently nudged the king into the hole. Regardless of the danger, Beans hurled himself in after the king. However, the king thought that he was pushed by Beans. This created a chasm between the two. Beans was wounded underground and Punchwood saw to it that he was taken to the infirmary. Eventually King Punchwood forgave Beans and accepted the fact that it was an accident.

What actually happened: After finding the hole, sir Punchwoord got curious and started digging. However, he accidentally too a mistep and fell inside. Beans actually didn't do anything but got blamed anyways.

Further Adventures

Sir Punchwood became a King and Beans stayed on as his squire. Beans however, retained his reckless neture and continued to get sent to the infirmary. This became a problem, as the infirmary became quite a distance away and the bills were mounting. Beans also participated in several assaults on Refiquel Camps the last one put in him back in the infirmary. He also played a role in castle defence and was taken out by crocodiles. Shortly after his return, He attends a memorial for the departed Sir Mouser and he was again put out af action by a creeper after the service. Recently all the guild memebers including the guild master have disappeared leaving King Punchwood unable to retreive Beans from the infirmary. However, after returning to a rather burned-guild (courtesy of a fire ogre), Punchwood learned that the guild had actually done their reficule attacks a while ago and, after figuring out what happened, managed to rehire Beans.