In Minecraft Dad: Episode 28 Paul introduced his new family server.


JumboMuffin 's Apothecarium

Jumbo owns a multicolured Apothecarium. Under his house is a cave which he lives in.

Remmi's Underground home.

Remmi has an underground house which is were loads of dogs live. Also there is an underground weat farm and a swimming pool.

Zin's House/Inn

Zin who is one of Jumbo's friend's has created a huge house which Paul calls an Inn has many rooms and is Paul's spawn point and there are many treasures in there.

JumboMuffin's Manor

Jumbo's second house is another big house but is still not completed.

Paul's Cozy Cottsge.

Paul's famous cozy cottage is still not finished on his family server but it's good for trapping Jumbo in.

CheifChirpa's House

Cheif has made himself a small house near the beach and has opened windows to kill creepers with.

The Quarry

Paul found this when he was looking for stone and coal. It is also where Jumbo's dog (Bob) died and under his tomb is cave.

Luclin's Birthday ruins.

When Luclin came to the server on his birthday Paul set up a birthday table with a TNT trap which made a big hole in the world. There is still a sign made of glowstone saying HAPPY B-DAY

Paul's Father's Day Tower of Death

On Fathers Day Remmi and Jumbo had made him a tower which has five floors each has a puzzle. The First one is a lava jumping puzzle, the second one is a maze, the third one is a arrow turrate puzzle, the forth a cactus and the top has no puzzles but you can fall to your death.

Sappy's Loopy Cavern

When Paul and Remmi go exploring they find a cave but at first they thought was dungon but it is really a looping cave when Paul comes back with CheifChirpa.