Spy Chicken

First Appearance

Survive and Thrive Season 1

Last Appearance

No information


4HP (2 hearts)

Enemy of



1 Raw Chicken (Always)
0-2 Feather

Attack strength


The spy chicken is a meme created by Paulsoaresjr in the early days of his tutorials.


The idea was originally conceived in one of his tutorial world episodes: Paul, on an underground adventure, noticed a chicken had found its way to where Paul was working. During the course of the video the chicken sat there and simply watched Paul do his tutorial, causing Paul to dub him a “spy chicken.”

Later on, at the beginning of his first Nether tutorial Paul opened with his Agent Smith impression. The subject of his integration was none other than a chicken. After delivering the finishing line, “What good is a phone call, when you are unable to speak?” and setting fire to the chicken, Paul continued on with his tutorial, however the Spy Chicken became a popular character among his fans. He is ocassionaly still using spy chickens.

Use in other videosEdit

The spy chicken became a running joke in many of his videos. In Minecraft Dad he and his children joke around about the spy chickens often. In the new How to Survive and Thrive series, he often threatens chickens or poke fun at them. In Mindcrack, there is a certain chicken that Paul enjoys threatening, and when AdvidyaZen pulled his prank, he based it off of Paul’s “hatred” for the spies.  In Attack of the B-Team, Paul discovers two chickens in an origin valley, seemingly "kissing".In most other series, he will reference them a few times and then pay them no heed. He mentioned in one of his snapshots that Dinnerbone might be the spy chicken leader. In his The Escapists series, one of the lines he has programmed the guards to say is "You're worse than spy-chickens" and another line that he has programmed the inmates to say is "I was framed by a spy-chicken"and "The spy-chickens sent me".


The spy chicken was a huge hit with the fans. Many fans took up sayings such as “The Chicken is a spy” and “Watch out for spy chickens!” Some have made videos about spy chickens, and spy chickens were among the first things that were implemented in a fan-made “Paulsoaresjr mod.” Much of the fan art surrounding Paul involves these spy chickens. Also of note, when Vechs named a item for Paul, he based it off of Paul’s “hatred” of chicken, calling the item the “Soarian Spy Burner.” Finally, when Notch released the April Fools edition of Minecraft, he tipped his hat at Paul by making chickens neutral mobs that attack when looked at for too long and added naturally hostile blue chickens that attack when a player is in range and occasionally explode.


'Oh, Mr Enderson, you disappoint me. What's that? You demand your phone call? Well tell me, Mr Enderson, what good is a phone call, when you are unable to speak...? Paulsoaresjr interogating his first Spy Chicken.

Future Spies

Paul hinted in episode 35 of Waking Up that the bats might be replacing the spy chickens because they were always diving in the way whenever he tried to shoot an enemy with a bow. Another time, after the bats got in his way so much, he said there was a conspiracy with the bats.

Difference from normal chickensEdit

While the spy chickens may look almost identical to the normal chickens, there are a few fundamental differences. Spy chickens work for the zombies, skeletons, creepers, and spiders. They find out all about Paul's whereabouts when they find him. When they find Paul, they walk up to him and cluck. There they interpret all about his plans.

This data is submitted to the various hostile mobs in Minecraft and they then go and attack Paul. The hostile mobs of Minecraft apparently understand the clucking of chickens, but Paul, despite years of study, has never figured out what the chickens are saying. Recently, a new spy chicken variation has arisen- the kissing chickens.

Since Paul is no longer playing vanilla Minecraft as much, the spy-chicken has taken on a lesser role in his videos. However, one of the lines in The Escapists that the guards say at rollcall is "You're worse than spy-chickens", and another line said by inmates is "I was framed by a spy-chicken."

Also, spy-chickens have been detected to be operating in Middle-Earth, where they secretly work for the dark lord Sauron and tell him Sir Punchwood's whereabouts, allowing Him to launch invasions targeted right at Paul (including the Angmar invasion that led to the death of Odo Baggins).