Wilson as seen in Season 5 Day 5 in the jungle.
Vital statistics
Title N/A
Gender Male
Race Wolf
Faction N/A (follows Pablo)
Health 10 Hearts
Level N/A
Status Alive
Location With Pablo in Man vs Minecraft, and the Punchwood Family in Sheltered


Wilson is Pablo's dog in the series Man vs. Minecraft, and he's also the family pet in Sheltered.


Discovered and tamed in the premiere of Season 2, he was given a name after Pablo had a dream of the name 'Wilson'. Wilson then accompanied Pablo as he tried to escape the island. One night, Pablo had another dream, in which he was leaving the island and Wilson was sitting on the shore. This made him determined to make sure Wilson was with him as he left the island. He did this by crafting another boat and attatching it to the plane. After an interesting encounter with a party of monsters, Pablo and Wilson finally managed to escape the island. Later, Pablo found a Nether Portal, but left it. After a while, he and Wilson returned to the portal. Wilson stayed behind as Pablo left into the Nether, Benny and Lenny taking care of him. However, in on day 4-7, Goblins invaded the stronghold in which the portal was situated. When Pablo returned, he was locked up next to Wilson, however they had little trouble escaping. Wilson then started accompanying him again as he gathered resources for a hot-air balloon, explored the Twilight Forest and travelled with Pablo to a monk village after a monster known as Dreax escaped his prison.

Later on, there was a nuclear war, and the Punchwood family entered an underground bunker. Wilson was one of the survivors, too. Originally, he was confined to the shelter, but later on in the series, Wilson accompanied the family members on expeditions and fought with them whenever required.


Paulsoaresjr revealed that in fact every time he changes dimensions or goes across an ocean he has to get a new Wilson. Man vs. Minecraft has used a total of six or seven different Wilsons.